Preparing for Graduation

Benefits Available to Elect/Convert


During your active employment, benefits include:

  • Medical and Dental; no payroll deduction for employee
  • Group Life and Long-Term Disability insurances; no payroll deduction for employee
  • Ancillary/Voluntary benefits such as; Flexibility Spending Account, Identity Theft, Voluntary Life,
    subject to employee payroll deduction
Benefits available to elect/convert after employment ends:
  • Medical and Dental; COBRA coverage plan available to elect
  • Group Term Life Insurance; conversion option available for individual plan
  • Individual Long Term Disability Insurance available now, guarantees access to Graduate Offer



Group Life

Long-Term Disability

Flexible Spending Account

Identity Theft

Voluntary Life

During Active Employment

No deduction

No deduction

No deduction

Opt In - Voluntary deduction

Opt In - Voluntary deduction

Opt In - Voluntary deduction

After Employment Ends


Conversion available







COBRA Coverage



Single Deductible

Family Deductible

Emergency Services



Election notice provided by US Mail within 14 days of last date of employment

8 Counties of Western New York, Quest Lab, co-pays

Outside of 8 counties of Western New York – deductibles + 25% co-insurance




Covered In-Network

Family $1047

Single $397


Pay 1st month premium payment within 45 days of date COBRA plan elected; monthly thereafter

Family $43

Single $19

  • Advise HR of new address, send email to: UBGMEHR@BUFFALO.EDU
  • Elect COBRA plan within 60 days of Election Notice date
  • COBRA plan coverage is retroactive to last date of active coverage; no coverage gap
  • COBRA plan provides up to 18 months continuous, monthly coverage
  • Can elect COBRA for yourself and covered dependents, or only specific dependent(s)
  • Can elect medical and/or dental coverage
  • Work with COBRA plan Administrator GIS Boon Chapman
  • Coverage ends on last date of employment

Term Life Insurance

Option to convert the group term life insurance policy to individual term policy

Step One: Review the following  

Step Two: Complete the following
  • Request for Quote: Sections A & B
  • Application for Conversion of Group Life Insurance
  • Supplementary Contact Information
Step Three: Submit
  • To insurance carrier for review, work with insurance carrier
  • If approved, individual is responsible for premium payment(s)

Individual Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Available now, coverage while presently working & after graduation


Richard W. Godshaw, GBDS, VBS, CHSA
Vice President, Individual and Group Benefits
Walsh Duffield Companies, Inc.
801 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 362-7367

For any questions contact GME HR