5th Annual Thank A Resident/Fellow Week

The Richard T. Sarkin Emeritus Faculty Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society sponsored its 5th Annual Thank A Resident/ Fellow Week at the University at Buffalo and UB-affiliated hospitals on  Monday, February 21, 2022  through  February 25, 2022, the date of the National GHHS celebration.

The list below shows programs contribution to 2022 Thank A Resident/ Fellow Week:

Family Medicine CHS

"We ordered a catered lunch (Indian Food) for the residents"

Internal Medicine CHS

"We sent residents a $25.00 Amazon gift card"

Obstetrics & Gynecology CHS

“We took them bowling for a wellness winter retreat and gave them cafeteria vouchers along with cookies from UB”.

Family Medicine Residency Program 

“We bought the residents lunch and sent them letters with all the comments they received.”

Emergency Medicine Residency Program

“Our Wellness Committee provided lunch at a restaurant for the residents”

Pediatric Residency Program

“We had a sheet cake made for them!”

Psychiatry Residency Program

“We brought them treats and took time out of didactics to play games. Our kids were off of school, so we brought them in too to make it a family affair”!

Neurology Program

“Faculty members bought treats and gift baskets for the residents throughout the week. Our Program Director, Dr. Rayhill bought breakfast from Panera for the residents”.

Cytopathology Fellowship

“Gave something each day of the week”

Monday; Roswell Park swag: tote bag, fleece blanket, cheese board 

Tuesday; Gift bag of snacks & goodies 

Wednesday; Thank-you letter and Spot Coffee Gift Card from Roswell Park Education Office

Thursday; Homemade cookies and a thank-you sign w/their names in the dept. breakroom

Friday; UB GME sugar cookies


The GME office would like to say THANK YOU to those who took a moment to consider and honor their peers with whom they have worked with this year. It is extremely important that you know you are appreciated for your contiued hard work and dedication to the health system. We are greatful for our amazing resdients and fellows!

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