Verification of Post-Graduate Training

Verification of Training Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify a Residency/Fellowship?

Requests for verification of training or malpractice coverage are only accepted electronically. Your request must be submitted with a signed release from liability form, uploaded to the online request.

Our office is unable to accept faxed requests; please submit your request electronically.  

If I do not have a verification form to be completed, how can I obtain the information I need?

Enter the information along with a signed release into the online portal and use the “Notes” field to provide additional information. The GME office can provide a letter of verification of the training dates and training program in the request.

What information can you verify? Can you provide an evaluation?

We can only verify the training program start and end dates for residencies and fellowships. Requests for additional information, such as an evaluation of competency, will be redirected to the training program.

How far back are GME records saved?

We can provide accurate records dated back to 1998. In some cases, we can provide verification of records prior to 1998. In the event we are not able to verify training, your request will be forwarded to the training program.

How can I obtain a training verification for a closed program?

Contact the Federation of State Medical Boards for information regarding these closed programs:

  • Family Medicine – Niagara Falls Memorial
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine - Adult and Pediatric

Do you verify malpractice coverage? If so, what information do you provide?

Residents and fellows are covered by the hospital’s malpractice insurance during training. Each trainee is covered by all the sites on rotation. Therefore, they are more than likely covered by more than one policy. 

If you need verification of coverage, our office typically provides a letter that confirms the coverage to include a copy of the summary of professional liability and a contact list for the hospitals’ risk management departments. The letter will also indicate if any claims have been filed against the individual of inquiry.

Specific information such as policy number and company name can be obtained through the hospital risk management departments. A signed release from liability form must be attached with the malpractice request.  

The VA does not maintain professional liability insurance coverage and cannot provide any policy information. Medical malpractice claims that occur at the VA are filed directly against and defended by the federal government pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act.

How long will it take to reply to my request?

Please allow approximately two weeks for review and completion of your request. An email response will be provided to you as soon administratively feasible.

This physician needs to be credentialed right away. Can you expedite my request?

We answer all requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Your request will be addressed in the order that it was received.

What is the procedure to have a Public Service Loan Forgiveness form processed?

Please send an email to with SUBJECT “request completion of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) form.” Do not attach a document or include secure Category 1 or 2 data in your email such as Social Security number. UB email is not secure. Your email will be reviewed and training dates verified to complete page 2 of the PSLF form. Your Social Security number will not be entered in the document. An email will be sent to you from the HR team email box, with the completed document attached. When you receive the document, your next step is to submit to the PSLF agency.

We cannot fill out your PSLF form until you are employed with us. For those beginning training in the summer, you will need to wait until you begin before submitting a form.  

I need my employment verified for a mortgage loan. Where do I send this request?

Contact GME’s Human Resources Department at for mortgage verification requests.

A signed authorization from your bank or mortgage company is required to be emailed to the address above before any information can be provided either verbally or in writing.