Computing Facilities

Computing facilities lab 6th floor.

The OMC computer labs are provided for the students in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences only. In order to the use the Computer Lab you will need to login with your Jacobs School account name and passphrase.

If you need access, please fill out the online account application or apply in person by submitting a paper application in OMC office, Suite 6110.


Main Computer Lab

Suite 6100 (6100A & 6100B)

Open access Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm
UB card accessible 24/7

The main computer lab is a teaching facility equipped with 96 workstations, teaching podiums, and smart projectors. The main lab can be divided into 2 smaller labs, A and B, each containing its own podium and projector. When not reserved for classes, this lab is open to all medical students and will have a lab proctor on duty. They may be able to help with basic questions or issues.

24/7 Lab

2nd Floor Library 

Open 24/7 with UB Card

Medical students have 24/7 access with your SUNY card when not in use by classes.

South Campus

CIT Computer Lab

225 Cary Hall

The Main lab is a viable teaching facility equiped with teaching podium, projectors and 70+ workstations. This lab is open to all University students when there isn't a class is in session.

Satellite Computer Lab

221h Farber Hall

Open 24/7 with UB Card

The Satellite lab is located just inside Farber Hall from Cary. Medical students have 24-7 access with your UB Card. This lab is optimized for small classes and examinations so it may be reserved for classes from time to time.