Classroom Teaching Technology

  • Introduction to Teaching Technology
    Classrooms in Jacobs School are equipped with some of the university's most advanced and flexible technology for engaging learners in and out of the classroom. 
  • Personal Devices as Inputs
    Each Jacobs School classroom has a list of available classroom inputs. Selections include the room's computer, personal laptop, document camera and wireless devices. These option can be found on the touchscreen control panel.
  • Classroom Lighting
    Classroom lighting is controlled by either a switch on the wall, or a button on the touchscreen control panel.
  • Classroom Audio
    You can increase, decrease or mute any audio playing through classroom audio with the touchscreen control panel. Any personal connected device, whether HDMI or wireless, also have their own volume settings. 
  • Classroom Microphones
    The Jacobs School lecture halls have microphones mounted on teaching station cabinets, wireless microphones and student push-to-talk microphones. In larger rooms, cordless and lavalier microphones can be found in the teach station cabinet or drawer. Push-to-talk microphone are available so audience members can be heard over the room's PA or on recordings. 
  • Document Cameras
    Document Camera are similiar to the old fashion overhead projectors but a modern twist. Anything from a piece of paper to a 3D object can be brocast of the room's displays. 
  • Classroom Recording and Conferencing
    Some classrooms in the Jacobs School have cameras that can track movement and speech, for use in virtual conferencing and classroom recording.
  • Logging into Teaching Station
    You can log in with your Jacobs School credentials, your UBITName and password, or as a guest.
  • Classroom Projectors and Displays
    Jacobs School classrooms have two types of displays: projectors and wall-mounted touchscreen panels. No matter what type of room you're in, you'll  still need to select your input for display from the touchscreen control panel.