Logging into Teaching Station

You can log in with your Jacobs School credentials, your UBITName and password, or as a guest.

Logging in to teaching station

Getting Started

  1. On control panel, select "local presentation" to use the teaching station computer. 
  2. Located the PC in a cabinet under the TV monitor or under the lectern and be sure that the PC is turned on
Common Mistake - Blank Screen

Using the local presentation option on the control panel but nothing is projecting. Make sure the PC has been pwered on. 

Login Options

Local PC Access Only

  • No username and password required
  • Users will only be able to use the PC and PC drives including USB drives and devices.  

Internet Access

  • Login using your UBITNamae and password. Also referred to as the "short" or "email" password
  • You will be able to access the Internet

Shared Network drive and Internet Access

  • Login using Jacobs School username and password. (15 character password)
  • Internet access
  • Access to the S: drive
Don't forget ...

Be sure to log yourself out of the PC, shut down windows, and power off the A/V using the control panel.