MED 815 Preceptorship in Integrative Medicine, 4 credits

The student will spend time in the offices of a variety of practitioners, including the following:

  1. MD’s and DO’s with office practices which focus on primary care, ob/gyn, functional medicine, eating disorders, manipulation, acupuncture, and chelation therapy.
  2. A dentist with expertise in heavy metal toxicology as well as laser treatment for gum disease
  3. Nurse practitioners with office practices which include a focus on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  4. Chiropractors, including one with an office practice focused on nutrition and energy medicine
  5. ND’s (those with a 4 year doctor of naturopathy graduate degree)
  6. Acupuncturists with Masters of Oriental Medicine degrees
  7. A physical therapist with expertise in myofascial release and craniosacral therapy
  8. Registered dieticians with a holistic focus, both also certified as personal trainers
  9. A quantum energy biofeedback practitioner
  10. A practitioner of homeopathy

Didactic content will include a discussion with Dr. Sylvia Regalla regarding relationship-centered care, use of the placebo effect as a therapeutic ally, the role of communication skills and of reassurance when indicated, and the healing powers of the body and the mind. Finally, students will choose a project in collaboration with Dr. Regalla.

Students must contact the course coordinator for permission prior to registering.

Prerequisite: MS4 and permission of the department.

Modules: A-K

Number of students:

Course Director: Kathryn K. Hufmeyer, MD

Course Coordinator: Michelle Dicenzo