Steps for Newly Deposited Freshmen Students

1. Submit your Orientation Data Form

2. Watch for emails from our office

Our email address is Watch your email for updates from us.

3. Take care of holds in HUB Student Center

Take care of these holds in your HUB Student Center:

No action is needed for the Academic Advising hold or the New Undergraduate Student hold.

4. Send outstanding documents to us

  • If you did not include all college credit bearing courses including AP courses on your form, please email us at
  • Email your AP scores to us in July once you receive them (if applicable)

5. Watch for your email for your schedule

There is no need to schedule an appointment with us.

We will email you once your schedule has been made. You will receive your next steps to finalize your schedule, which includes registering for a UB Seminar course.

6. Complete Summer Orientation

Complete Summer Orientation and be sure to join us for a live Zoom session on the Friday of your orientation week to hear from current Jacobs School students as well as get the opportunity to ask students and/or advisors any questions you might have!