We provide advisement for all students in the Jacobs School while they complete lower level major courses.

You can schedule an appointment with your assigned advisor through Navigate.

Drop-In Hours

We hold drop-in hours during the first week of classes when you can stop in and talk with any available advisor. During the other weeks, we request that you schedule an appointment through Navigate.

Hands holding a smartphone that is displaying the Navigate app.

Make an appointment with an advisor.

The Navigate app will help you manage your academic journey and connect effectively with a full range of resources at UB.

Access to the Navigate mobile app is available once you are enrolled in classes. Review your UB email for instructions on how to schedule an appointment with your advising unit or to review your UB course schedule.

Group Advising

New freshmen attend a mandatory one-hour group advisement session in the fall. An email will be sent to your UB email account early in the semester so that you can schedule your session.

This session will be led by an advisor in the office. You'll learn about the fundamental requirements and resources you will need to earn your degree. You will also receive a personalized curriculum sheet to help you plan your courses for the following semester.

Upper Level Major Advisement

Once you complete your lower level courses and advance into the upper level (and are approved to move into the upper level), you will then be directed to meet with the program director for your specific major. 

Academic Review and Major Expectations

At the end of every semester, each student will be reviewed to make sure they are still on track for their major.

Depending on major choice, students may be placed on major probation if they are not meeting the required GPA. Students will receive an email letting them know their status in their program.

If they are placed on major probation, a student will have one summer and one semester to get their major GPA back up to where it needs to be.


Are you on probation in your major?

If after any semester you are below the minimum major GPA standards for the following majors, you are likely on probation in your major:

  • Biochemistry: 3.0 major GPA
  • Biomedical Sciences: 3.2 major GPA
  • Neuroscience: 2.5 major GPA
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology: 2.7 major GPA

You will have one fall or spring semester (depending on the semester in which you fell below the standard) and one summer to raise your major GPA up to minimum standards. If you are still below minimum GPA standards for your major, you will be dismissed from the major.

If you are on probation for your major, you should have received an email from our office explaining this as well as your next steps. You are now responsible for completing the next two tasks:

  1. Complete a self-assessment to identify where you struggled in the previous semester and steps you can take to improve the following semester. The link to this self-assessment can be found in the email from our office.
  2. Set up an appointment with your academic advisor to go over your self-assessment, identify additional ways you can improve next semester, and to discuss your academic plans moving forward. The link to schedule an appointment can also be found in the email from our office.

Interested in switching to one of our programs?

Please email for more information or to request to change your major.


Advisors are assigned by your last name.

Last name: A-K

Ashley Fries.

Ashley Fries

Academic Advisor

40 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: (716) 829-6710


Last name: L

Kelli Hickey.

Kelli Hickey


Enrollment Management & Biomedical Undergraduate Education

40 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: 716-829-3005


Last name: M-Z

Genevieve Naklicki.

Genevieve Naklicki

Academic Advisor

40 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: (716) 829-5410


Upper Level Biotechnology and Medical Technology Students

Daniel LaRosa

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

26 Cary Hall, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-5182


Upper Level Neuroscience Students

Shannon M. Brown.

Shannon M. Brown

Neuroscience Coordinator/Jacobs School Curriculum & Assessment

Biomedical Undergraduate Education

40 Biomedical Education Building

Phone: (716) 829-5451