Tips for Success

How do I change my major? When do I need to be accepted into a major?

It is common to change majors in college. Undergraduate Academic Advisement provides information on choosing, changing or applying to your major.

You need to be accepted into a major by no later than 60 credits completed.

A change in major can influence the time to complete your  degree and your financial aid eligibility.

I am full-time student work three days a week. Am I working too many hours?

The recommendation is to limit yourself to no more than 12-15 hours of work per week as a full-time college student in order to have enough time for studying.

If you need to work, try to find a job on campus, if possible.

How do I stay organized in college?

It is important to develop positive behaviors in college. The skills you make now will make you successful in the future.

  • Be prepared: Use a planner and sync your Navigate app to your phone calendar. 
  • Make note of each instructor’s contact information and office hours in your phone.
  • Wake up on time. Attend every class. Sit in the front of the class.
  • Turn off your cellphone before each class.
  • Check your UB email frequently.

How do I establish good time management skills?

  • For each class syllabus, record all due dates for quizzes, tests, papers and projects in your Navigate calendar. 
  • Examine your toughest weeks. If papers and tests occur during the same week, make time to finish assignments early to free up more study time for tests.
  • Plan to study four to five hours a day. Use peak periods of productivity in 20-minute intervals up to two hours.
  • Read all assigned chapters before class.
  • Study for major examinations at least one week ahead.
  • Complete all homework assignments regardless of whether you get credit for them.

I am not doing well in a course(s). What should I do?

  • Remember, you are not alone and take action immediately. 
  • Make an appointment with your instructor or visit during office hours to discuss your concerns.
  • Seek out numerous tutoring opportunities available on campus.
    This includes the Jacobs School's Academic Success Center.
  • If you are working more than 12-15 hours per week, consider cutting back to plan more time for your studies.
  • Talk to your academic advisor if resigning a course(s) is an option. It is important to understand that there are resign deadlines each semester, there can be limitations with future course registration, and resigning can influence your completion of credits/timeliness to graduation.
  • Speak with a financial aid advisor before resigning a course(s), as resigning can affect financial aid eligibility.