Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment Committee

The primary goal of the Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment (DIALE) Committee is to support the Jacobs School in establishing a learning environment where all members are valued, respected, and provided with equal opportunities to thrive.

Supporting Our Community: Advocating for Change and Inclusion

We, the undersigned, join the University at Buffalo President in recognizing the devastating impact the recent brutal and unnecessary deaths of George Floyd and other African Americans have had on students, residents and fellows, faculty, staff and their family members and friends.

We are outraged by these attacks and share the sense of pain, grief and anger in our community. These horrendous actions demand a commitment to recognize and speak out against racism and nurture empathy, inclusion, diversity, equity and awareness.

We are committed to working together to continue building a community that embraces these values and fosters inclusive excellence. As we heal, we must advocate for change and move forward toward that goal with strength and determination.

To that end and with your support, our Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment Committee will convene virtual town hall meeting(s) this week to listen to your thoughts and suggestions for action.

We encourage everyone in the Jacobs School community to participate.

Michael Cain, MD
Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment Committee

  • Margarita L. Dubocovich, PhD
    Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Roseanne Berger, MD
    Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Alan Lesse, MD
    Senior Associate Dean for Medical Curriculum
  • David Milling, MD
    Senior Associate Dean for Students and Academic Affairs

News and Updates

Maxine Hayes, MD, ’73, a graduate of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, gave a talk as the recipient of the Medical School Alumni Association’s 2021 Distinguished Alumna Award

Members of the DIALE committee are charged with the critical responsibility of staying relevant and attune to the changing needs of our shared community.

We aim to confront issues of racism, sexism, or any other forms of xenophobia that may prevent us from excelling as a unified academic institution.

Our challenge and opportunity is to bring faculty and students together to maintain a quality learning environment that is supportive and inclusive. It is our commitment to hold both our community and academic leadership to the standard of equity, equality, and respect for all members of the Jacobs School.

We hope with this committee's dedicated attention, we will best serve to address the various challenges that the Jacobs School may face related to diversity, inclusion and learning environment. 

Role and Responsibility

The Standing Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Learning Environment shall review the Diversity Policy of the Jacobs School, and advise the Faculty Council on relative policies and practices, to achieve appropriate diversity and inclusion among students, faculty and staff to ensure that the policy conforms to standards set forth by the University and the State University of New York.

The Committee shall also review and make recommendations to the Faculty Council in matters related to the Learning Environment Policy of the Jacobs School. This policy is designed to ensure a nurturing learning environment for all students. In this latter function, they are charged with meeting regularly to receive and address concerns and problems with the Jacobs School learning environment expressed by students, residents, or faculty.

They will also receive and act upon complaints of Learning Environment Policy violations made either through the internal system of the Jacobs School or through mechanisms provided by the University at Buffalo.


Meetings are held every first Tuesday of every other month at 4:30 PM.

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