Research and Training Opportunities for Graduate Students

The research opportunities here are for graduate students in STEM fields. There are a number opportunities that could enrich your education journey.

Pathways to Science (Institute for Broadening Participation)

Programs and resources for prospective and current STEM graduate students - including funding opportunities and professional development programs and resources.

The Collaborative Learning and Integrated Mentoring in the Biosciences Program at UB

The CLIMB Program at UB is devoted to helping students and junior scientists develop into leaders in the sciences.

This is a ten week summer interdisciplinary program to conduct research in the biomedical, behavorial and health sciences. 

This workshop series is intended for all participants to learn how to excel during their master’s degree.

Professional development program designed to mentor PhD students and introduce them to the skills they will need as professional scientists.

iSEED focuses on excellence in education, engagement in research, mentoring and enhancement of professional development and builds a culturally and intellectually diverse and academically inclusive community of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff.

IMSD develops student talents, promotes the professional growth of PhD students, and enhances intellectual and cultural diversity in the biomedical and behavioral sciences at the University at Buffalo.

This program connects highly knowledgeable and skilled mentors with motivated and diverse mentees graduate students, and facilitate long-term, culturally responsive interactions between them. 

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