Critical Care

Omar Alibrahim.

Division chief Omar Alibrahim, MD.

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Oishei Children's Hospital (OCH) is a 20-bed, multidisciplinary unit that provides critical care for medical and surgical patients of all ages.

Education and Training

Our division is actively involved in the education of both residents and medical students. Our fellows play an integral role in educating these rotating trainees.


Fellows in our Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Program spend three years acquiring and enhancing the skills necessary to care for complex, critically ill children of all ages and sizes. Through formal lectures, multidisciplinary conferences, bedside teaching, and simulation exercises, our faculty is committed to providing a learning infrastructure whereby fellows can become excellent clinicians, diligent researchers, and future leaders in the field of critical care medicine.


Residents from categorical Pediatrics, Pediatric and Adult Emergency Medicine, and Anesthesiology will all rotate through the PICU as part of their training. An integral part of our team, they are responsible for helping to admit patients, perform procedures, and manage various aspects of care, including mechanical ventilation, sedation, and vasoactive support. Overseen by the ICU fellows, residents are encouraged to formulate care plans and differential diagnoses and to participate in care conferences. Bedside and didactic teaching sessions given by pediatric critical care attending and fellow physicians are designed to help useful, generalizable knowledge and principles to all residents, irrespective of their career plans and goals.


Faculty physicians in our division are active in a wide variety of clinical research projects, which mirrors the diversity of their individual areas of expertise. Indeed, the research interests are captured in everything from multicenter trials to individual fellow projects. Trainees are mentored in the art of asking the right question and in the science of finding its answer.

Studying numerous aspects of critical illness, from optimal glycemic control to intubation patterns, Oishei Children's Hospital is an active participant in multicenter trials and international research networks. Self-sufficient investigations, such as an evaluation of our division's use of a novel, negative-pressure mode of ventilation in respiratory failure, are also ongoing in our PICU.

Finally, our trainees are fully supported as they formulate projects to pursue their own inquiries, in everything from acute kidney injury to nutrition. In addition, they are each guided in the development of quality improvement initiatives, which seek to enhance the basic tenets of inter-provider communication, patient safety, and overall care.

Clinical Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at OCH is a 20-bed unit serving approximately 1,200 patients per year. The only PICU in Western New York, it care for children of all ages and sizes, presenting with a wide range of medical and surgical needs. Patients have access to such therapies as high frequency ventilation, inhaled nitric oxide, general anesthesia for severe asthma, and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

Chief, Critical Care

Alibrahim, Omar

Omar Alibrahim, MD, FAAP

Clinical Associate Professor and Division Chief, Critical Care

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