Why Choose Our Program?

As a student in our program, Melissa Medina works closely with her mentor, conducts cutting-edge research and received a full-tuition scholarship to support her studies.

The PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences provides an entry portal and a common first-year curriculum, equipping you with core knowledge and concepts to support your pursuit of a PhD degree in one of our several participating disciplines.

Because your goal is to be a research scientist, we provide the mentoring, hands-on opportunities and financial support that set you on the path to the career of your choice.

Tuition and Stipend

We provide you with the financial freedom to focus on your research. As a PhD candidate, you will receive:

  • a full-tuition scholarship
  • a $27,000 stipend 
  • medical/dental insurance

Laboratory Rotations: Explore before You Commit

With our laboratory rotation system, you can explore a variety of disciplines before committing to your specific area of research. Collaborate with renowned research scientists on cutting-edge research while you receive a broad-based foundation in biomedical and biological sciences. Throughout the program we encourage you to explore your options and interests.

Individual Approach, Individual Attention

Whether you are certain about the field you would like to pursue, or you would like to weigh your options, our individualized training, broad-based curriculum and dedicated mentoring will help you succeed in the path you choose.

You will work one-on-one with renowned researchers, learning hands-on as you rotate through laboratories within our participating departments.

Shape Your Future

Our well-structured interdisciplinary curriculum gives you the opportunity to participate in a spectrum of state-of-the-art research with accomplished UB faculty. Our approach helps you make an informed decision about selecting a research focus—a decision that will shape your career, whether in academia, industry or government.

Culture of Collaboration

Collaborative research has been strongly encouraged and rewarded by the University at Buffalo for many years. The research matrix of the school, therefore, is not constrained, but highly interdisciplinary.

Mentoring and Support

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows benefit from a training structure where answers to scientific questions are provided by faculty from a variety of disciplines and scientific fields.

The collegiality of our faculty further contributes to your successful pursuit of educational and scientific goals.

Rich Quality of Life

Western New York is a region of more than two million people with a small-town friendliness. The area has a colorful history, a wealth of natural resources, a low cost of living and a cultural blend that contribute to a rich quality of life.