Collaborative Research Efforts

UB 2020 is the university’s long-term strategic plan. It is designed to transform UB into a model 21st-century public university that will rise among the ranks of the nation’s public research institutions.

Faculty within the school participate in five of the plan’s eight strategic strengths, as follows:

Seeks to facilitate research pertinent not only to optimal aging, but to the promotion of health and disease prevention across the life span.

An integrated approach to medical and biological discovery and the transitioning of resulting information into treatments for human disease.

Studies objects thousands of times smaller than a speck of dust, forging into new territories that will benefit human health, the environment, industry and society.

Researches ways to increase resiliency to natural and human-caused disasters, improve outcomes and contribute to disaster prevention.

Aligns the university’s human, programmatic and financial resources to promote and enhance quality of life within the region, state and beyond.