Core Facilities

Flow Cytometry Lab

Lee Chaves, PhD, directs the flow cytometry lab. Researchers in the Division of Nephrology use the lab for their studies on the underlying mechanisms leading to kidney disease.

Our lab enables researchers to measure and analyze physical characteristics of single particles as they flow in a fluid stream through lasers. Researchers analyze characteristics including a particle’s relative size, granularity or internal complexity and relative fluorescence intensity. 


Investigators in the Division of Nephrology within the UB Department of Medicine use our flow cytometer for their studies on the underlying mechanisms leading to kidney disease.

We perform analysis of cellular infiltrates in using several immunopathologic models of renal disease. 

Additionally, we support investigators in other divisions and departments.


Our lab is equipped with a four-laser, 15-color BD LSRFortessa.

Available detectors for each laser are as follows:

  • 405 nm: Pacific Blue/AF405/BV421, Pacific Orange/BV510, BV605, BV 650, BV711, BV785
  • 488 nm: FSC, SSC, FITC/AF488/GFP/YFP, PerCP Cy5.5
  • 561 nm: PE, PE-Texas Red/RFP, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7
  • 633 nm: APC/AF647, AF700, APC-Cy-7

Alternative configurations are possible if we receive advanced notice.


UB Clinical and Translational Science Institute
875 Ellicott Street, Room 8022
Buffalo, NY 14203

Contact Information

Lab Director

Lee Chaves, PhD

8-022 Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 888-4837