Scientific Editing Services

The Office of Research and Graduate Education provides editing services for Jacobs School-affiliated clinical and research faculty, staff, and students to help with the preparation and/or revision of grant proposals, manuscripts, theses, etc.

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Proofreading: Extra pair of eyes to check for errors/awkward statements
  • Copyediting: Correct grammar/syntax/spelling and formatting
  • Comprehensive editing: More extensive changes to text, rearrangement of statements/paragraphs to improve flow and readability
  • Review and Comment: “Presubmission” review of manuscripts and proposals to identify areas that may need further clarification

Consider requesting assistance from our editor for:

  • Journal-specific formatting of manuscripts
  • Manuscript revisions and response letters (careful review of changes and figure renumbering, ensure that all reviewers’ comments are addressed, and verify that the changes stated in the rebuttal letter match the revised text)
  • Final check for grammar and spelling errors
  • Reducing word/page counts for manuscripts and grants
  • Refreshing/rewording introductory paragraphs and discussion sections


Karen Dietz, PhD

Scientific Editor

955 Main Street, Room 6136

Phone: 716-829-3246