DoctHERS Annual Symposium

Advancing Women in Medicine, Healthcare, and STEM.

DoctHERS 2024 was held on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Keynote Speaker

Julie Silver, MD.

Julie Silver, MD
Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Silver will discuss the importance of gender equity in professional systems. Though great strides have been made to breach the gender inequity gap there is still more to do. Dr. Silver will provide techniques that can be applied at all levels of professional work to promote gender equity for all. 


Lauren Kuwik, MD '08.

Lauren Kuwik, MD '08
Chair, DoctHERS; Internist and Pediatrician

MLMIC Insurance Company
Ms. Lynne Adamcyzk
Dr. Cristine Adams
Dr. Sue Baldwin
Ms. Jean Bender
Dr. Rose Berkun
Dr. Gale Burstein
Ms. Alice Cheung
Ms. Aimana El-Bahtity, Esq
Dr. Julia Faller
Ms. Kellly Gaygen
Ms. Mary Glenn
Dr. Elizabeth Heavey
Mrs. Eleanor Lucas
Ms. Allison Mann
Dr. Emmekunla Nylander
Dr. Melissa Rayhill
Dr. Christina Stocking
Dr. Louise Stomierowski
Dr. Rosalind Sulaiman
Dr. Stacey Watt
Dr. Stephanie Yamout

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