Memorial Service

Memorial Service.

There are two types of Memorial Services held by the University and the Anatomical Gift Program: Interment Memorial Programs and Student Memorial Service.

Every eighteen months to two years the University inters the ashes of those individuals who donated their bodies to us and who requested that their ashes be interred in the University Cemetery Plots. As part of the program the University purchased a series of grave sites in the Skinnersville Cemetery which is adjacent to the North Campus.

A non-denominational ceremony remembering those individual whose unselfish gift made it possible for our students, faculty and staff to further their education or advance the practice of medicine is conducted in the Little White Chapel. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Campus Ministers speak and express the gratitude of the University . Family members of those individuals whose cremains are being interred are invited to attend. Family members are encouraged to consider this site as a family site and are permitted to visit the site at their discretion and are permitted to place flowers at this time or anytime they would like.

A short reception follows the ceremony during which the families of the donors have an opportunity to speak to each other and to the University staff about their loved one and that individual's choice to donate themselves to science.

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