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No charges are made to the donor or next of kin for services offered by the Department except for those bodies which must be brought to the University from outside the 100 mile limit. The University bears the considerable expense of this program as part of its teaching and research responsibilities. 

A number of donors and their families have appreciated this lack of a charge and the savings which relate to this service and have requested information as to how they may contribute further to supporting the research and teaching efforts of the Department. In response, a special fund has been set up in the University at Buffalo Foundation, so that gifts or donations of money may be directed to the Anatomy Department Development Fund.

Family or friends may also wish to honor the memory of the deceased by contributing to the Fund. A check may be made out to the

University at Buffalo Foundation-Account #9333-086126

and sent to the address below, or the donor may choose to include the Department in his or her will. Since the Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, such a contribution is tax deductible.

University at Buffalo Foundation
Box 900  
Buffalo, NY 14226-0900