Exterior of Jacobs School.

Powerful Partnerships: BOLD Stories

To shape the next version of Western New York, we need to develop future generations of leaders. Patients — as well as alumni — can powerfully join forces with UB to help people live healthier lives.

Meet patients and families who are partnering with doctors in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences to improve care for diseases and conditions that are underfunded or understudied.

This special, heartfelt collaboration is a crucial component of academic medicine and a foundation for many of its most notable achievements.

Our Place, Our Way, Our Future, Our Alumni

Through bold action and an unmatched tenacity, we define our own future. We always have.

At the Jacobs School, being bold means solving society's most complex challenges. Helping millions of people around the world accomplish what was thought to be impossible. And fostering more leaders to take the reins of the future. 

Alumni Making the UB Difference

Boldly Buffalo: Our Place

Buffalo: Our namesake, our heritage, our home. 

Boldly Buffalo: Our Way

UB is more than a place — it’s a way of shaping the world. 

Boldly Buffalo: Our Future

Engaging ideas and inspiring action determine our future.