Administration, Faculty & Staff

Departmental Administration

Department Chair: Mark J. Lema, MD, PhD

Executive Vice Chair: Robert P. Sands, MD

Associate Director: Mirjana Lovrincevic, MD

Training Program Administration, Faculty and Staff

Director: Paul R. Knight, MD, PhD

Assistant Director: Bruce Davidson, PhD

Residency Administrator: Christopher Maloney

Recruitment Coordinators: R. Sands, MD, C. Maloney

Administrative Support: Donna Mills, J. Wedekind

Research Training Advisory Committee

Paul Knight, MD, PhD

Bruce Davidson, PhD

Gabriela Popescu, PhD

Ali El Solh, MD, MPH


David Milling, MD Senior Associate Dean for Minority Affairs

External Advisory Board

David Warltier, MD, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Timothy Curry, MD, PhD Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Charles Emala, MD Columbia University, New York City, NY