Cristine Adams, MD

Cristine Adams.

While choosing residency programs, my goal was to find a place that offered balance. Of course I wanted a great trauma experience as we all do right out of medical school, but I also wanted EMS exposure, ultrasound, and pediatrics.

Of all the programs I visited, none offered that total experience that I had seen at UB as a student. Once I got into residency I realized how much more we had that balanced out our experience and prepared us for the total package.

Our med school perspective and the real life perspective vary, and the great thing about our program is that you get to see the community “real life” Emergency Department, how it works when you’re not in academics, and you realize that this program really does get you ready for that.

Most EM docs don’t work in a tertiary care center with all specialists at their beck and call. Our residents are prepared to handle that situation; stabilize, treat, and save patients in the community. That is exceptional!

About Buffalo

Though I’m not originally from Buffalo, I’ve come to call this my home, now living here for more than half my life!

At each interval of my education and training, I attempted to branch out, explore beyond my new found Western New York comfort zone, but realized at each venture Buffalo offered all I needed with such ease, accessibility, and affordability.

I now live here happily and comfortably with my husband and 3 kids, with things that would likely be unattainable in other big cities. I am the poster child for the happy working Dr. Mom!