Fellow Publications and Presentations

We encourage fellows to contribute to our collective understanding of neurophysiology by publishing their findings and presenting them to national audiences.


2015 Abstracts
Pooja Sofat Sofat P, Teeter B, Kavak K, Gupta R, Li P. “Time Interval Providing Highest Yield for Initial EEG in New Onset Seizures.” American Epilepsy Society, December 2015.
Mei Jiang Mei J, Andriola M, Miller-Horn J. “Co-Administration of Valproic Acid and Lamotrigine in the Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy.” American Epilepsy Society, December 2015.


2014 Abstracts
Salomi Salins Salins S, Teter, B, Kavak K, Silvestri N, Wolfe G. “Low-Dose Medication and Long-Term Outcome in Myasthenia Gravis.” American Academy of Neurology, April 2014.
Alyssa Fiddler Fiddler A, Teter B, Weinstock A. “Triphasic Waves and Epileptiform Correlates on Electroencephalogram.” American Academy of Neurology, April 2014.
Alyssa Fiddler Fine, EJ, Fiddler A. “America’s First Epilepsy Society: The National Association for the Study of Epilepsy.” American Academy of Neurology, April 2014.


2013 Journal Articles
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Fine EJ. Neurognostic question: an American physician-physiologist who had profound impacts on physiology and medical education in the United States. Henry Pickering Bowditch. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences. 2013; 22(2).
Osman Farooq Weinstock A, Ruiz M, Gerard D, Toublanc N, Stockis A, Farooq O, Dilley D, Karmon Y, Elgie MJ, Schiemann-Delgado J. Prospective open-label, single-arm, multicenter, safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic studies of intravenous levetiracetam in children with epilepsy. Journal of Child Neurology. 2013; 28(11).
Osman Farooq Sternberg Z, Ching M, Sawyer RN, Chichelli T, Li F, Janicke D, Radovic V, Mehta B, Farooq O, Munschauer FE. Clopidogrel responsiveness in stroke patients on a chronic aspirin regimen. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases. 2013; 22(6).
2013 Abstracts
Osman Farooq, Ping Li Farooq O, Agarwal N, Li P, Jani R, Boudreau M, Kerr S, Finnegan S, Weinstock A. “The presence of Non-epileptic Seizures in an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. American Epilepsy Society, December 2013.
Novreen Shahdad Shahdad N, Weinstock A, Bilal M, Teter B. “Photic Induced Seizures and Photoparoxysmal Response.” American Epilepsy Society, December 2013.
Michelle Boudreau, Ping Li Boudreau M, Li P, Miletich V, Li A, Weinstock A. “Ictal SPECT activation in a Case of Gelastic Seizures Caused by a Low Grade Glioma in the Posteriolateral Temporal Lobe.” American Epilepsy Society, December 2013.
Ping Li Mustafa G, Kamal H, McMurtray A, Beltagy A, Ghazi R, Li P, Mehta B. “Does Antiplatelet Resistance Affect Stroke Severity?” American Neurological Association annual meeting, October 2013. 
Ping Li Mustafa G, Kamal H, Li P, Ghazi R, Beltagy A, Mehta B. “Is platelet Response Test Status Associated with NIH Stroke Scale and Stroke Location?” American Academy of Neurology, April 2013.


2012 Journal Articles
Ping Li Li P, Ghadersohi S, Jafari B, Teter B, Sazgar M. Characteristics of refractory versus medically-controlled epilepsy patients with obstructive sleep apnea and their response to CPAP treatment. Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy. 2012; 21(9).
Ping Li Li P, Liu Y, Rowswell-Turner R, Esfahani F. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of adult thalamic glioblastoma multiforme. North American Journal of Medicine and Science. 2012; 5(1).
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Lincoff NS, Saikali N, Prasad D, Miletich RS, Mechtler LL. Novel treatment for radiation optic neuropathy with intravenous bevacizumab. Journal of Neuroophthalmology. 2012; 32(4).
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Memon Z, Saikali N, Langan TJ. A 4-year-old male who has a persistent, severe headache. Pediatrics in Review. 2012; 33(4).
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Faden HS, Cohen ME, Ramanathan M, Barrett H, Farkas MK, Langan TJ, Yeh EA. Neurologic complications of 2009 influenza-a H1N1 infection in children. Journal of Child Neurology. 2012; 27(4).
2012 Abstracts
Nina Riggins, Ping Li, Osman Farooq Riggins N, Li P, Li V, Farooq O, Weinstock A. “Epilepsy Surgery in MRI-negative Sound-Induced Startle Epilepsy. American Epilepsy Society, December 2012.
Ping Li Kamal H, Li P, Shafie M, Mokin M, Mehta B. “Heparin May Not Improve Recanalization of Intraluminal Thrombi in Acute Stroke Patients.” Annual Meeting of the American Neurological Association (in partnership with the Association of British Neurologists), October 2012.
Nina Riggins, Osman Farooq Fine EJ, Riggins N, Farooq O. “Evoking Potentials from The Brain.” American Academy of Neurology, May 2012.


2011 Journal Articles
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Memon A. Balos concentric sclerosis. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2011; 96(12).
Osman Farooq Farooq O, Memon Z, Stojanovski SD, Faden HS. Azithromyicn-induced agitation and choreoathetosis. Pediatric Neurology. 2011; 44(4).