Information for Residents


Lecture Notes

  1. Please login in at the UBMobileMed home page.
  2. Enter your UB user name and password.
  3. Once you are in UBMobileMed, click on “Notes” from the top menu and a list of lecture notes will appear.
  4. Open or save the specific lecture note by clicking the small icon under it.

This section is for UB ophthalmology residents or faculty only.

Resident Resources

In addition to the University at Buffalo Health Sciences library, the residents have access to numerous widely circulated journals at the Erie County Medical Center library and the Buffalo VA Medical Center library.

The department maintains an extensive collection of texts, both of current and historical interest, in the library at the Ross Eye Institute. All books, slides, diagrams, etc., are to remain on the premises. Under no circumstances are any materials to be removed from the premises. Lost or stolen volumes will not be replaced for the fiscal year, and many of them are irreplaceable, so strict adherence to this rule is mandatory.

In addition to traditional printed material, the university provides access to Med-Line.