Education and Training

Faculty with students in anatomy lab.

Dr. Sherris and Dr. Muscarella teaching in anatomy lab.

The Department of Otolaryngology has a year-round educational program open to faculty, residents and students.

The educational program is designed to include the core knowledge, skills and understanding of the basic medical sciences relevant to the head and neck and the upper respiratory and alimentary system; the communication sciences, including knowledge of audiology, speech, pathology, rehabilitation, balance and vestibular system; and the chemical senses, otolaryngologic allergy, endocrinology and neurology as related to the head and neck.

  • Otolaryngology Residency Program
    Our residency program puts you on the path to success by furnishing you with the skills, clinical judgment and knowledge essential for a dynamic career in otolaryngology.
  • Medical Student Education
    When you train with our faculty, we’ll augment your understanding of otolaryngology, providing you with essential knowledge that you’ll tap throughout your career.
  • Continuing Medical Education
    Our CME programs offer physicians and allied health care professionals continuous improvement opportunities in patient health care via evidence-based educational activities focusing on advances in medicine, new medical technology, biomedical research and changes in the health care environment.
  • How to Apply
    Get details on applying to our residency in otolaryngology.