• Doctoral Program in Computational Cell Biology, Anatomy and Pathology

    • Brandon Ginley.

      Brandon G. Ginley

      Mentor: Pinaki Sarder, PhD, assistant professor 

      “Pinaki always makes sure to motivate his students towards the big picture, ticket winning ideas.”

  • Master’s Program in Pathology

    • Haley Ward.

      Haley Ward

      Mentor: Ewa K. Stachowiak, PhD, assistant professor

      “The pathology department has given me so many opportunities to learn new skills and to improve on those I already had. In the Stachowiak lab we are researching schizophrenia with organoids and are seeing some promising results. Drs. Ewa and Michal Stachowiak are wonderful advisers who are passionate about their research and sharing their knowledge with their students.”