PAS 820-G Hospital Pathology, 4 credits

This rotation provides students with a four-week elective period in hospital pathology, specifically autopsy and surgical pathology, as they relate to patient care. Emphasis is placed on a correlation of pathologic findings and clinical problems.

Students may also have an opportunity to obtain some practical experience in clinical pathology, which includes the areas of microbiology, clinical chemistry, hematology and blood banking. Particularly in this part of the elective, students develop a better understanding of the role of the laboratory in the hospital and of how to best utilize the services of the laboratory.

Prerequisite: Senior medical student. Junior medical students, please contact department for availability and permission prior to registering.

Modules: A - K Blocks: 1-4

Course Director: Lucia L. Balos, MD

Number of students: 4 (between 3rd and 4th year)

Location: Buffalo General Medical Center