Graduate Programs

We offer Master’s and PhD degree programs in Anatomical Sciences and Pathology.

Our programs provides you with broad academic opportunities for graduate studies.

  • Computational Cell Biology, Anatomy and Pathology (PhD)
    The Department of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences offers a program of course work and research training leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Cell Biology, Anatomy and Pathology. This program prepares students for the frontiers of modern medical research by training them to evaluate, communicate, and create knowledge of biological structure and the role of that structure in the function of cells and organisms, with an emphasis on incorporating computational and engineering methods with clinical medicine and human biology.
  • Computational Cell Biology, Anatomy & Pathology (MS)
    The MS program in Computational Cell Biology, Anatomy and Pathology provides research training in biological form and function, with a strong emphasis on computational approaches that can derive unique insight from complex data sets. While the program is particularly strong in microscopic anatomy and cell biology, its aim is to produce scientists with knowledge of biological principles at all levels of scale, and who are enabled by proficiency in imaging methodology and data analysis.
  • Medical Anatomy & Experimental Pathology (MS)
    The MS Program in Medical Anatomy and Experimental Pathology provides training in human gross and microscopic anatomy and in the biology of disease and injury. The program is aimed at preparing students for careers in the medical professions, medical/premedical education or biomedical research.

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