Medical Student Education

When you train with our faculty, we’ll augment your understanding of radiation oncology, providing you with essential knowledge that you’ll tap throughout your career.

  • RAO 800 Radiation Oncology, 4 credits

    Roswell Park’s Department of Radiation Medicine residency program offers the opportunity to practice in an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center — one of only 51 in the country. Roswell Park is among the top 4 percent cancer centers in the U.S. Our treatment technology includes Varian TrueBeamâ„¢, Elekta Gamma Knife Icon and Superficial/Orthovoltage therapy.  Other department features include high dose rate (HDR) suite for HDR interstitial/intracavitary brachytherapy implants, unsealed radiation sources (e.g., SIR-sphere, TheraSphere microspheres) for liver-directed therapy, Gamma Knife radiosurgery unit and suite.

    Prerequisite: MS3 or MS4 (M1 and M2 can request for a shadow experience if schedule permits)

    Modules: A-K  Blocks: 1-4

    Number of students: 2

    Course Director: Simon Fung-Kee-Fung, MD

    Course Coordinator: Michelle Wahl

  • RAO 890 Course At Other University, 4 credits

    This rotation will allow students to take an elective in radiation oncology at a university of their choosing to broaden their experience.

    Prerequisite: MS4

    Modules: A-K

    Number of students: 2

    Course Coordinator: Michelle Wahl

  • RAO 950 Radiation Oncology Research, 4 credits

    Students will have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing or independent research project with a faculty member in the Department of Radiation Oncology.

    Prior to registering for a research elective, students will need to meet with Dr. Milling regarding project and work with the department to find a faculty mentor. Students should discuss project ideas with their mentor and provide a short description of the research they would like to conduct during the elective. Students will then take this description to the department chair and/or course director for approval. After obtaining approval, students will complete a drop/add form, working with the appropriate department/course coordinators and send the completed form to the registrar in order to register for the research elective.

    Prerequisite: MS4

    Modules: A-K

    Number of students: 2

    Course Coordinator: Michelle Wahl

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Medical Education Course Coordinator

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Anurag Singh, MD

Professor, Director of Radiation Research, Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education

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