Nicole Alavi-Dunn, MD

Nicole Alavi-Dunn.

Nicole Alavi-Dunn, MD

Urology resident, ’22

I feel very fortunate to have been chosen for urology residency at UB.

Our residents are a cohesive group and often enjoy social events together.  

Academically, I benefit from the variety of weekly conferences​ as well as the exposure to multiple hospitals and practice types (private vs academic).

My family has acclimated well to Buffalo: the schools are excellent, and we have been taking advantage of the variety of activities the city and surrounding areas offer.

Our five-year urology residency program prepares our trainees to safely and effectively care for patients. We help our residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to practice robotic surgery and all urologic procedures. We are known for our distinguished faculty, unparalleled training opportunities and compassionate patient care.