Eric Chevli, MD

Eric Chevli.

Eric Chevli, MD

Urology ’25

Being part of the Urology residency program at UB is everything I could have asked for and more.  Our residents are such a close-knit group, that we can call ourselves a family.  This establishes a comfortable environment that promotes encouragement of questions, and learning from our peers, along with our attendings.

We have a diverse group of hospitals that allows education on a wide range of pathologies.  We are given the autonomy to see patients and make plans, with the guidance of our seniors, even starting as a PGY1.

There are a large number of cases that we are exposed to early, to gain ample experience so that as we advance in years we will have greater comfort focusing on larger cases and maximizing our operative experience.

The city of Buffalo is a wonderful place to spend the 5 years of residency, being full of culture, nice people, great food, and a personal favorite during the winters, skiing!

Our five-year urology residency program prepares our trainees to safely and effectively care for patients. We help our residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to practice robotic surgery and all urologic procedures. We are known for our distinguished faculty, unparalleled training opportunities and compassionate patient care.