Michael Ernst, MD

Michael Ernst.

Michael Ernst, MD

Urology resident, ’20

I distinctly remember driving away from my interview at Buffalo and thinking that I could see myself living, working, and learning there. It was a combination of the residents and faculty I met, along with the unexpected bustle of the city that gave me that confidence.

I honestly believe we have one of the closest and nicest groups of residents you will find. We have rotations spread across the city with diverse experiences at each of these sites; paradoxically, I think this actually brings us all closer together.

We have to rely on each other to appropriately work up and manage our individual sites before signing out to the overnight resident. There can be no weak links.

Additionally, Buffalo has proved to be a wonderful new home. There is a reason people from Buffalo always find their way back. It is a city full of pride and history. And I have been pleasantly surprised by all the activity within the city and surrounding towns year-round.

Lastly, the faculty is supportive and invested in our success. They push us hard to do well and lead us by example. Overall, I am very happy to have matched in Buffalo and look forward to the years to come.

Our five-year urology residency program prepares our trainees to safely and effectively care for patients. We help our residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to practice robotic surgery and all urologic procedures. We are known for our distinguished faculty, unparalleled training opportunities and compassionate patient care.