Michael Shapiro, MD

Michael Shapiro.

Michael Shapiro, MD

Urology ’23

At 5:50 P.M on a Friday evening I got a call from the Emergency Department for a consult. I had already left the hospital and, thinking I was in the clear, was on the way to pick up dinner. When the ED called I asked for some additional workup and headed home, planning to drop off dinner and having to head back into the hospital. This was following a tougher than usual week and a particularly rough call shift the night before. When the ED followed-up, it was now after 6:00, so they called the overnight resident who was just starting his shift. He called to give me an update, and even though it was 100% my responsibility to see the consult, he knew I had a rough call shift the night before and said he’d take care of it, leaving me to have dinner and enjoy the start of the weekend with my family.

The residents in this program look out for each other and consistently step up when needed. When I interviewed in Buffalo not only did the camaraderie between the residents quickly become clear, but also evident were the relationships between their families and partners, which to me was just as important. After the interview day, I knew I’d be comfortable relocating from Seattle with my wife and 1 year-old daughter, with no prior connections to the region, because I knew that my family would have the friendship and support they needed.

The city was also a welcome change, moving from a more densely populated area. Buffalo is big enough that there is plenty to do with food, music, and outdoor fun, yet small enough that it's affordable and with no traffic.

As far as the technical aspects of the program, there is a wide variety of surgical exposure covering the breadth of urology. From a fast-paced ambulatory surgery center rotation to a consult/trauma heavy rotation at the county hospital to pediatric exposure at the children’s hospital. Each of our five sites has unique strengths and experiences, and the significant private-practice exposure prepares us to operate efficiently in the real-world setting.

Overall, my wife and I (and now two daughters) couldn’t be happier with our match here in Buffalo.

Our five-year urology residency program prepares our trainees to safely and effectively care for patients. We help our residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to practice robotic surgery and all urologic procedures. We are known for our distinguished faculty, unparalleled training opportunities and compassionate patient care.