Ramkishen Narayanan, MD

Ramkishen Narayanan.

Ramkishen Narayanan, MD

Urology resident, ’17

As the only urology residency in the Buffalo metropolitan area, there is a wide variety of urologic conditions residents see and learn to manage. Furthermore, with talented attending physician educators and co-residents that value each other like family, the overall training package is lucrative.  

I emerged from residency a well-rounded urologist and clinical outcomes researcher, and confidently entered my urologic oncology fellowship across the country in Los Angeles.  

The pearls I learned from UB urology residency served me well in fellowship. In upcoming attending practice, I look forward to passing that knowledge on to my trainees.

Our five-year urology residency program prepares our trainees to safely and effectively care for patients. We help our residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to practice robotic surgery and all urologic procedures. We are known for our distinguished faculty, unparalleled training opportunities and compassionate patient care.