MD Degree Curriculum

At the Jacobs School, we have two curricula: Our classic curriculum and our redesigned Well Beyond curriculum.

As a Jacobs School medical student, the curriculum under which you train depends on when your training began. 

Well Beyond Curriculum

Our redesigned curriculum — called Well Beyond — will be implemented in 2024. So, medical students who enter the Jacobs School in 2024 and beyond will train under this revised curriculum. 

Classic Curriculum

Medical students admitted to the Jacobs School before 2024 train under our classic curriculum.

Two Strong Curricula. Endless Possibilities for Your Future.

Why does the Jacobs School have two curricula? While our well-established classic curriculum is sound and trusty as ever, we’re committed to developing curriculum for the world’s ever-changing health care landscape.

Both curricula are powerful. So, irrespective of which curriculum shapes your training, you will benefit from a comprehensive education that provides a strong foundation for your future.

Both curricula enable the Jacobs School to carry out our custom of developing excellent physicians who are well prepared for fruitful futures as physician-scientists.