Doctors Back To School

ub medical student demonstrates suturing.

A UB medical student engages high school students in a suturing lesson using pigs’ feet, one of several hands-on activities designed to teach basic clinical skills.

Doctors Back to School is a national, American Medical Association outreach program designed to expose pre-college students from disadvantaged backgrounds to the medical field and encourage them to view medicine as an attainable career goal.

All UB medical school students are welcome to participate in this annual student-run program, typically held in early May.

Inspire, Mentor High School Students

As part of a UB group, you will visit a Buffalo high school for one afternoon. We’ve partnered with the Health Sciences Charter School near downtown Buffalo, which emphasizes preparing students for careers in the health sciences.

During the event, you will:

  • engage students in hands-on learning
  • share your experiences and your own path to medical school
  • serve as a real-life role model for young students
  • fulfill a service-learning elective
  • help inspire a future generation of doctors

After the event, you will have the opportunity to mentor one or two students, contacting them periodically to discuss academic work and share your medical school experience.

Lead Hands-on Learning Activities

You will lead one of a series of group workshops, demonstrating basic clinical skills,
such as:

  • listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope
  • testing reflexes and describing the objectives of a neurological exam
  • suturing pigs’ feet
  • casting/splinting

In the process, you can discuss medical careers with the teens and share your own story and passion for the medical profession.

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