Mouhamed Awayda

Mouhamed Awayda

Mouhamed Awayda


Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Specialty/Research Focus

Ion channel kinetics and structure; Ion Transport; Membrane Biophysics; Membrane Transport (Ion Transport); Molecular and Cellular Biology; Molecular Basis of Disease

Contact Information
4152 JSMBS
955 Main St.
Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: (716) 829-3547

Professional Summary:

We study the regulation of ion transport in epithelia. We are interested in a sodium channel expressed in many epithelia throughout the body. In the kidneys, this channel and its regulation modify renal sodium excretion and body sodium balance. We are interested in mechanisms which control channel activity and more specifically, in the mechanism of channel activation from the extracellular space by extracellular proteases. Our lab is also interested in the translational aspect of channel activation and specifically in the discovery of biomarkers of proteolytic channel activators. These biomarkers can likely report on channel activation in vivo and in this case, can serve can predictors of human hypertension. We are also interested in humans isoforms of the channel that when expressed modify its baseline activity as these can serve as potential models for human hypertension.

Education and Training:

  • Fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Alabama at Birmingham (1996)
  • PhD, Physiology and Biophysics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1993)


  • Professor, Physiology and Biophysics, SUNY at Buffalo (2011-present)
  • Associate Professor, Physiology and Biophysics, SUNY at Buffalo (2005–2011)
  • Associate Professor, Medicine/Physiology, Tulane University (2002–2005)
  • Assistant Professor, Medicine/Physiology, Tulane University (1996–2002)

Research Expertise:

  • Epithelial transport: Epithelial sodium transport and sodium channel regulation
  • Renal Physiology: Renal control of ion excretion and absorption

UB 2020 Strategic Strengths:

  • Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan
  • Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems and Bioinformatics

Grants and Sponsored Research:

  • September 2000–November 2014
    Regulation of intrinsic activity of the epithelial sodium channel
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • November 2007–May 2011
    Stimulation of renal sodium transport by membrane cholesterol
    The John R. Oishei Foundation
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • August 2009–December 2010
    Does rapamycin affect tubular proteinuria
    Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
    Role: Contributor
  • October 2009–September 2010
    A biomarker of renal collecting duct Na absorption: An assay for essential hypertension
    Western New York National Kidney Foundation
    Role: Principal Investigator
  • March 2002–March 2006
    Mechanisms of ENaC regulation by extracellular proteases
    VA Administration
    Role: Co-Investigator

Journal Articles:

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  • "Cleavage of epithelial sodium channel" American Physiological Society Conference on Epithelial Ion Transport (2013)
  • "Epithelial sodium channel" Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology SUNY at Buffalo (2013)
  • "Renal sodium channels" University of California at Merced (2010)
  • "Regulation of Epithelial Sodium Transport by pH" American Physiological Society Conference on Epithelial Ion Transport (2010)
  • "Proteolytic activation of epithelial sodium channel" Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology (2009)
  • "Effect of cholesterol and membrane composition on a renal sodium channel" SUNY at Buffalo, Physiology and Biophysics (2009)
  • "Renal sodium transport" Satellite Symposium of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (2009)
  • "Renal sodium transport and activation" American Physiological Society Conference on Epithelial Ion Transport (2008)
  • "Regulation of epithelial sodium channels" American Physiological Society Conference on Epithelial Ion Transport (2007)
  • "Regulation of epithelial sodium channels by membrane properties" Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, American Physiological Society Symposium (2006)

Service Activities:

  • Admission committee PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences (PPBS) (2021–present)
  • Ad hoc committee on medical school promotions- non tenure track (2020–present)
  • Council on inclusion in medicine and sciences; committee on graduate and medical trainee recruitment and development (2019–2020)
  • NIH special emphasis panel; Panel Member (2018–present)
  • Undergraduate curriculum steering committee (2017–2018)
  • Pflugers Archives (2015–present)
  • American Journal of Physiology- Respiratory (2015–present)
  • American Journal of Physiology- Regulatory and Integrative (2015–present)
  • Biochemistry (2015–present)
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015–present)
  • Journal of Physiology (2015–present)
  • FASEB Journal (2015–present)
  • Channels (2015–present)
  • IJMS- International Journal of Molecular Sciences, various disciplines (2015–present)
  • MDPI (2015–present)
  • New laboratory animal facilities for buffalo's downtown campus (2014–2017)
  • Frontier in Physiology, editorial board member; Editorial Board (2012–present)
  • SUNY Wide Faculty Senate, alternate senator from the University at Buffalo Health Sciences (2012–2015)
  • NIH ZRG1-DKUS-B; Panel member NIH study section (2010–2012)
  • NIH SEP PPG panel reviewer for NIDDK; Study section member (2010–present)
  • Academics standards committee of the faculty counsel (2010–2012)
  • Phase I Medical Education Committee (2010–2016)
  • Journal of General Physiology (2010–present)
  • American Journal of Physiology- Cell (2010–present)
  • American Journal of Physiology- Renal (2010–present)
  • Journal of Membrane Biology (2010–present)
  • Kidney International (2010–present)
  • Biophysical Journal; Reviewer (2010–present)
  • Physiology and biophysics shop committee (2008–2016)
  • Faculty recruitment committee (2008–2015)
  • UB2020 Molecular Recognition Faculty Search Committee, Physiology and Biophysics representative (alternate) (2008–2009)
  • Ad hoc teaching reimbursement committee, Physiology and Biophysics (2008–2009)
  • Sigma Chi (2007–2012)
  • Graduate qualifying exam, Physiology and Biophysics, 2007, 2009, 2015 (2007–2015)
  • American Heart Association Cell Transport Study Section; Panel member/Reviewer (2007–2011)
  • Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences Admissions Comittee (2007–2009)
  • IFR committee Physiology and Biophysics (2007–2009)
  • Annual Experimental Biology Meeting; Symposium organizer (2006)
  • Experimental Biology and Medicine,; Editorial Board Member (2006–2016)
  • Distinguished Scientist Seminar Committee (2006–2007)
  • Suk-Ki Hong memorial lectureship committee- chair; physiology and biophysics (2005–2016)
  • American Journal of Physiology- Renal; Editorial board member (2004–2007)
  • Education Committee, American Physiological Society; Committee member (2004–2007)
  • Porter Physiology Development and Minority Affairs Committee, American Physiological Society; Committee Member (2004–2007)

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Contact Information

4152 JSMBS
955 Main St.
Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: (716) 829-3547