Thomas H. Hohle PhD

Thomas Hohle

Thomas H. Hohle

Education and Training:

  • PhD, Biochemistry, University at Buffalo (2010)


  • Lecturer, Biochemistry, University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (2018-present)

Journal Articles:

Service Activities:

  • UBC Scientific Literacy and inquiry Committee Member. Review and approve SLI course proposals and transfer student course articulations, when applicable. Provide content area expertise. Interpret assessment results to develop recommendations, provide faculty development and best practices. Guide the Steering Committee on policy related to the SLI component; UBC Scientific Literacy and inquiry Committee Member (2023–present)
  • UBIT Committee member. Roles include contributing to UBIT survey being sent to faculty, passing along issues that faculty in my department has come forward with.; Committee Member (2022–present)
  • Served on a panel of 3 judges. Responsible for judging undergraduate student poster presentations; Judge (2022)
  • Gateway Chemistry Committee member. Served on "post-rec" portion on committee to determine if students who pass first year chemistry courses (CHE 101/102 and CHE 107/108) are prepared for their subsequent courses that require these courses as pre-reqs.; Gateway Chemistry Committee (2021)
  • Served on a panel of 3 judges. Responsible for judging junior graduate student presentations.; Judge (2021)
  • Academic advisor to several undergraduate students in the Biochemistry department. Help guide students course load to ensure they are working towards their post-graduation goals. Help undergraduates find a research lab that align with their interests.; Undergraduate Academic Advisor (2018–present)
  • Undergraduate Committee Member in Department of Biochemistry. Read and judge graduating senior research papers. When necessary, act as middle man between students and director of undergraduate studies/assistant to chair regarding student feedback on departmental and course items.; Undergraduate Committee Member (2018–present)

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955 Main St
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Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: 716-829-2835