Thomas H. Hohle PhD

Thomas Hohle

Thomas H. Hohle

Education and Training:

  • PhD, Biochemistry, University at Buffalo (2010)


  • Lecturer, Biochemistry, University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (2018-present)

Journal Articles:

Service Activities:

  • Gateway Chemistry Committee member. Served on "post-rec" portion on committee to determine if students who pass first year chemistry courses (CHE 101/102 and CHE 107/108) are prepared for their subsequent courses that require these courses as pre-reqs.; Gateway Chemistry Committee (2021)
  • Served on a panel of 3 judges. Responsible for judging junior graduate student presentations.; Judge (2021)
  • Academic advisor to several undergraduate students in the Biochemistry department. Help guide students course load to ensure they are working towards their post-graduation goals. Help undergraduates find a research lab.; Undergraduate Academic Advisor (2021)
  • Undergraduate Committee Member in Department of Biochemistry. Read and judge graduating senior research papers. Act as middle man between students and director of undergraduate studies/assistant to chair regarding student feedback on departmental and course items.; Undergraduate Committee Member (2021)

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955 Main St
Ste 4213
Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: 716-829-2835