Praveen R. Arany

Praveen Arany

Praveen R. Arany

Associate Professor

Department of Oral Biology

School of Dental Medicine

Specialty/Research Focus

Oral Biology; Oral Biology; Oral Pathology

Contact Information
3435 Main Street
BRB 553
Buffalo, New York 14214
Phone: 7168293479
Fax: United States

Professional Summary:

My primary interest is focused on clinical translation for wound healing and tissue regeneration. Our group uses cell-molecular biology, biomaterials, and biomedical technologies, especially biophotonics and other directed energy approaches to modulate biological mechanisms. We aim to utilize our fundamental understanding of biological regulation to control therapeutic clinical outcomes.

Education and Training:

  • Fellowship, Postdoctoral Bioengineering, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2012)
  • Certificate, Clinical translational research, Harvard Medical School (2011)
  • MS, Oral Biology, Harvard University (2011)
  • PhD, Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine, Harvard University (2011)
  • Residency, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine (2011)
  • Certificate, Clinical research curriculum, National Institutes of Health (2007)
  • Fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer biology, Radiation biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (2006)
  • Fellowship, Postdoctoral Fellow, Growth factor biology, Indian Institutes of Sciences (2003)
  • MS, Oral Pathology, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (2001)
  • BDS, General Dental surgery, Dharwad University (1999)


  • Associate Professor, with Tenure, Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo (2022-present)
  • Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track, Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine, University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine (2015–2022)
  • Assistant Clinical Investigator, Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Biology, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research National Institutes of Health (2012–2015)

Awards and Honors:

  • TM Pai Visiting Chair (2023)
  • Theodore H Maiman Award (2023)
  • Horace Furumoto Young Investigator Award (2016)
  • Best Paper in Laser Annals (2014)
  • Eugene Siedner Scholar, Academy of Laser Dentistry (2011)
  • Pulp Biology & Regeneration Award, American Academy of Dental Research (2011)
  • Best review paper, Oral Diseases journal (2011)
  • Wound Biotechnology Foundation Award, Wound Healing Society (2009)
  • Young investigators Award, Wound Healing Society (2007)
  • Harvard Presidential Scholar (2007)
  • NCI Director’s Innovation Award - Young Investigator (2006)
  • NIH Merit Award (Intramural) (2006)
  • Best Poster award, Indian Academy of Oral Pathologists (2001)
  • Best Paper award, Indian Academy of Oral Pathologists (2001)
  • Best Poster award, Indian Academy of Oral Pathologists (2000)

Research Expertise:

  • Harnessing Stem cells in Regenerative Medicine & Dentistry: Approaches to direct differentiation of stem cells to promote tissue healing and regeneration
  • Low-Dose Biophotonics Therapy termed Photobiomodulation (PBM): Investigating therapeutic mechanisms, biomarkers, and clinical protocol development to utilize PBM for a broad range of diseases
  • SMART Biomaterials: Developing and testing biomaterials that can 'sense and respond' for various clinical regenerative applications.
  • TGF Beta Biology: Investigating the roles of TGF beta signaling in health and disease, especially in wound healing and stem cell biology.


  • Photobiomodulation Therapy Approaches to improve consistency and rigor of PBM treatments (Directed Energy) (2023)
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Bone Regeneration 3D printed bone scaffolds for tissue engineering (University at Buffalo) (2021)
  • Smart functional interfaces Antimicrobial 3D printed surfaces for dental and medical prosthesis (OptiMed Technologies) (2018)
  • Drug-induced gingival overgrowth Microsphere formulation to reduce tissue fibrosis (OptiMed Technologies) (2018)
  • In situ antigen generating cancer vaccine Use of biomaterials based cancer vaccines for therapy (Harvard University) (2012)
  • Laser-actuated nanoparticles Use of albumin based nanoparticles for therapeutic payload delivery that can be activated by laser illumination for controlled spatial and temporal delivery (Harvard University) (2012)
  • Laser dental treatment systems Use of low power laser systems for photobiomodulation therapy (Harvard University) (2012)
  • Temporally and spatially restricted morphogen fields Use of biomaterials based scaffold systems to generate development-like morphogen fields to direct tissue differentiation for regenerative applications (Harvard University) (2011)

Service Activities:

  • National Science Foundation, South Africa; Stem Cell Institute; Review scientific credentials of candidate for director's position for stem cell institute in South Africa.;; Grant Reviewer (2015)
  • School of Dental Medicine, Ad Hoc Committee; Delegate (2015–present)
  • Laser Safety Committee; Member (2015–present)
  • Students Research and Honors Committee; Member (2015–2022)

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Contact Information

3435 Main Street
BRB 553
Buffalo, New York 14214
Phone: 7168293479
Fax: United States