Calkins Research Fellowship

Letter of Intent

Applicants to the Evan Calkins Award for 2020 are asked to submit a Letter of Intent to be reviewed by the Calkins Proposal Review Committee.

Residents or fellows who have acceptable proposals will be asked to subsequently submit a full proposal. Prospective or completed projects are acceptable.

Full instructions and deadlines will be provided at a later date.

The Letter of Intent, consisting of no more than 750 words, must be submitted by December 14, 2020.

The Letter of Intent should clearly state the following:

  • Whether you intend to submit a research or quality improvement proposal
  • The research question or QI aim
  • Indicate if and how the project aligns with priorities of the community, hospitals and other organizations
  • The proposed methodology and timeline
  • Proposed budget and justification for use of funding, if awarded
  • Description of the work including measurable outcomes, impact on the community and relevant references
  • Clarification that the work has not already been performed
  • Qualifications of your mentor to coach a research or QI project and their role in guiding the design of the project
  • Description of the role you will play in the conduct of the proposed research
  • Confirmation that you will submit your completed abstract/poster for next year’s UB Research Forum
Up to 750 words.
Amanda Bevacqua.

Amanda Bevacqua

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