Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Department Chair

Curtis, Anne

Anne Curtis, MD

Charles and Mary Bauer Professor and Chair & SUNY Distinguished Professor

Buffalo General Medical Center 100 High Street, D2-76 Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: 716-859-4828; Fax: 716-859-4850

Email: abcurtis@buffalo.edu

Program Director

Walter, Michelle

Michelle Walter, DO

Palliative Medicine Physician

Elm and Carlton Buffalo, NY 14263

Phone: 7168458214; Fax: 7168458223

Email: mmwalter@buffalo.edu

Training Program Administrator

Sandra Gilliam

Training Program Administrator

Office of Graduate Medical Education

Erie County Medical Center, DK Miller Building, 462 Grider St., Buffalo NY 14215

Phone: (716) 961-6955; Fax: (716) 961-6960

Email: gilliam3@buffalo.edu

Assistant Training Program Administrator

Patti Smith-Voss

Assistant Training Program Administrator

VAWNYHS, 3495 Bailey Avenue, 801B, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 862-8961; Fax: (716) 862-6783

Email: pls8@buffalo.edu