Disaster/Extraordinary Circumstances Policy

General Statement

This policy defines the responsibilities of the sponsoring institution and ACGME-accredited graduate medical education programs at the University at Buffalo in the event of a disaster or other extraordinary circumstances that significantly alter the educational experience in one or more residency programs and/or impede/prevent the continued operation of the institution and/or any of its training programs.

It is the general policy of the University at Buffalo that, in the event of a disaster, appropriate steps by residents and available faculty will be taken to provide assistance and support in the care of the sick and injured who are patients of or present to any affiliated training site(s). Medical care and related services will be provided according to this policy, the policies and procedures governing the management of disasters at the respective training sites and, in the case of residents, under the appropriate supervision by qualified faculty. All ACGME Institutional, Common, and specialty-specific Program Requirements remain in effect under these circumstances.

In the event that the continued operation of the institution or a training program is impeded permanently or for an extended period for any reason, timely and appropriate steps will be taken collaboratively by the Office of Graduate Medical Education and the respective program director to restructure the residents’ educational experiences as necessary to ensure substantial compliance with ACGME Institutional, Common, and Specialty-specific requirements and/or secure either temporary or permanent arrangements suitable for completion of training. These arrangements will include assistance secured by UB in partnership with the affiliated hospital(s) for continuation of resident salary, benefits, and assignments in accordance with ACGME requirements, policies and procedures.

All efforts will be made to address disasters/extraordinary circumstances locally. The ACGME may also invoke the ACGME Extraordinary Circumstances policy in response to circumstances that significantly alter the ability of a sponsor and its programs to support resident education, in which case the sponsoring institution will take all necessary steps to comply with ACGME requirements, policies and procedures.

Established:  2008
GMEC Approved Date:  May 22, 2018