Non-Accredited Fellowship Sponsorship Request

Submit the following to the GME office at least ten days prior to the next scheduled Graduate Medical Education Committee meeting:

  • General description of the program including overall program goals, program objectives, number of trainees, and trainee pay line source
  • Rotation schedule
  • Program Director and faculty
  • Letter from the ACGME accredited program director, co-signed by the non-accredited fellowship program director describing how the non-accredited fellow will interact with the accredited trainees and describing how he or she will ensure ACGME requirements are not compromised for residents or fellows in the accredited program
  • Letter from Chair attesting to maintenance of resources for accredited program
  • If the non-standard program offers a fellowship position to an IMG, the program must comply with requirements posted on the ECFMG website
  • The Office of Graduate Medical Education will review materials to determine if other accredited programs may be affected by the non-accredited training program.  If so, the Program Director of the accredited program will be notified and asked for comment

Established:  2012
GMEC Approved Date:  June 20, 2017