Occupational Health Program

Pre-Employment Physical

Each incoming resident/fellow will receive a medical evaluation prior to the start of employment to ensure that s/he can carry out all the duties required of a resident, is free of certain contagious diseases, is not impaired by mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse, and is in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. This medical examination must be completed prior to the start of residency. 

Annual Health Assessment

Each Resident must undergo an annual health assessment including an evaluation for TB in the spring of each year. Residents in their final year of training at the University at Buffalo (UB) must complete this annual assessment to be eligible for a certificate of completion.  Pre-employment physicals do not satisfy this requirement.

Work Related Injury or Illness Including Needle Sticks

All work related injuries and illness suffered by residents in UB sponsored resident training programs must be reported to the Employee Health Office at the hospital in which the resident is rotating.  Residents must identify themselves as a UB Resident. 

The cost of care and treatment for work related injuries including, but not limited to, needle sticks and exposure to blood borne and other infectious diseases, must be submitted to the employers’ worker compensation insurance for coverage.

Special Evaluations

On occasion a special evaluation of a resident will be requested by the program director to determine the resident’s fitness to work.  The program director must consult with the UB Employee Health Director and/or Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education or their designee requesting a special evaluation.  Evaluations for suspected impairment must be carried out in accordance with the University at Buffalo (UB) GME policy on impairment.

Established:  1994
Reviewed by GMEC: October 19, 2021