Program Director Appointment Policy and Procedure

Background and Requirements

The GMEC must review and approve new program director appointments. The Sponsoring Institution, in collaboration with each ACGME-accredited program, must ensure that program directors have sufficient financial support and protected time to effectively carry out their educational, administrative, and leadership responsibilities, as described in the Institutional, Common, and specialty-/subspecialty-specific Program Requirements[1], as well as the UB GME Program Director Job Description.


The Department Chair must nominate the prospective Program Director via written request to the GMEC. The prospective Program Director should be a different individual than the Department Chair. This nomination must be accepted by the prospective Program Director via written notice to the GMEC as well.


The following should be submitted via email to the GME Project Manager at least 10 business days prior to a regularly scheduled GMEC meeting:

  • A letter or email from the Department Chair, nominating the prospective Program Director and attesting that the candidate possesses the required qualifications and experience as detailed in the ACGME program requirements.
  • A letter or email from the prospective Program Director, accepting the nomination and attesting to any specific commitments that must be made according to the ACGME program requirements (e.g. will maintain the position for at least six years, will continue to maintain scholarly activity as required by the ACGME review committee, etc.).
  • The prospective Program Director’s current Curriculum Vitae, listing all required qualifications and experience as detailed in the ACGME program requirements. This must include, at minimum:
    • Board certification in the specialty and/or subspecialty
    • Current New York State medical licensure
    • Appropriate medical staff appointment(s)
    • Evidence of scholarly activity

Succession Planning

In ACGME-accredited residency and fellowship programs where the Department Chair currently serves as Program Director, the DIO, GMEC, and/or Program Quality Review Subcommittee (PQRS) will work with the Department Chair/Program Director to formulate an appropriate succession plan for the Program Director role. This may include appointment and training of an Associate Program Director with a plan to assume the Program Director role by a specified date.

[1] ACGME Institutional Requirements
Established:  2018
GMEC Approved Date:  March 20, 2018