Resident/Fellow Professional Liability Insurance Policy

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Professional liability insurance for residents/fellows in UB-sponsored training programs is provided by UB’s affiliated hospitals for only those activities that are required by the residency/fellowship program.

Professional liability coverage includes legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed after the completion of the program(s) if the alleged acts or omissions of the residents/fellows are within the scope of the program(s).

There is NO coverage for professional activities outside the scope of the residency/fellowship program for any activity that is not an approved component of the training program, or for moonlighting, under any circumstances.  Questions about the scope of professional liability coverage should be directed to the risk management office of the individual hospital or hospital system..  Official documentation of the details of professional liability coverage will be provided by the risk management office of the individual hospital or hospital system;  to the requesting resident/fellow.

Residents/fellows who engage in securing employment outside their training program (moonlighting) are responsible for purchasing and maintaining their own professional liability insurance for these activities.  The resident/fellow is required to provide evidence of the professional liability insurance coverage to their Program Director.

Summary of Professional Liability Coverage

Residents and fellows who participate in UB-sponsored training programs are assigned to one or more teaching hospitals affiliated with the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and School of Dental Medicine.  Except as otherwise noted below, each of these affiliated hospitals maintains medical/dental malpractice liability insurance coverage on behalf of UB residents and fellows for activities required by UB residency and fellowship training programs.  Professional liability coverage is specific to the individual hospital (or hospital system) in which the resident/fellow is rotating and extends to certain approved off-site locations.  Professional activities which are not part of a formal residency/fellowship training program are NOT covered under the liability policies of any affiliated hospital.



Buffalo Psychiatric Center


$1,000,000/occurrence; $3,000,000 aggregate

Catholic Health System

  • Mercy Hospital
  • Sister’s of Charity Hospital


$3,000,000/occurrence; no aggregate limit

Erie County Medical Center

$30,000,000/occurrence; $30,000,000 aggregate


Kaleida Health System

  • Buffalo General Medical Center
  • DeGraff Memorial Hospital
  • Gates Vascular Institute
  • Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital
  • Oishei Children’s Hospital
  • Olean General Hospital


$11,000,000/occurrence; $35,000,000 aggregate


***Limits are spread across all named Kaleida defendants involved in a claim.

Olean General Hospital
$2,000,000/occurrence; $4,000,000 aggregate

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

$2,000,000/occurrence; $5,000,000 aggregate


Veterans Administration Medical Center


The VAMC does not maintain professional liability insurance coverage.  Medical malpractice claims for incidents that occur at the VAMC are filed directly against, and defended by, the federal government pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act.


Established:  2008
GMEC Approved Date:  June 19, 2018