Employment Onboarding Policy

Residents and Fellows, as applicants who sign and return the offer letter sent to them by the program, will receive an employment contract prepared by the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME).  Medical Residents/Fellows are employed by University Medical Resident Services, P.C. (UMRS).  Dental residents are employed by University Dental Resident Services, P.C. (UDRS).

The employer must ensure that all legal documents required for employment, with respect to the federal government and NY state Departments of Labor (i.e. I-9 form and acceptable documents and the Department of Health (credentialing checklist), are complete.  The Office of GME performs these services for both employers.  Employment and educational requirements, as assigned onboarding items, must be completed, and documents uploaded to residency management system (MedHub), as specified, or provided to the Office of GME staff, prior to commencing residency/fellowship training program employment.

Required Documentation

Residents/Fellows must complete the following documents in the Residency Management System (MedHub) at least six weeks prior to the anticipated start date:

  • Review the welcome video from Dr. Roseanne C. Berger
  • Employee Demographic Information
  • Resident/Fellow Employment Contract; electronically signed by both the Resident/Fellow and the program director
  • Employment Background Investigation
  • Form I-9 with appropriate documentation attached and signed by the Resident/Fellow
  • Non-U.S. citizens must also have DS-2019 or I-797, I-94, EAD, Permanent Residency Card and unexpired passport; as applicable
  • Social Security Card
  • Completed State and Federal Tax Forms
  • Selective Service Confirmation; as applicable
  • Copy of Medical/Dental School Diploma
  • ECFMG Certificate,; as applicable
  • CV,  ERAS, or PASS Application
  • Health Assessment Forms
  • Valid immigration status for employment by UMRS or UDRS
  • Signed Medical School Release Form (U.S. Medical School graduates only)
  • Confirmation of Compliance with “12 Week Rule”; as applicable
  • Direct Deposit Form (recommended)
  • Photo Release

 The Office of GME reviews the entire packet for completeness and adds the Resident/Fellow to the payroll. If any of the above items are missing, the Office of GME will contact the Resident/Fellow as soon as possible.  A Resident/Fellow will not be added to the payroll until missing or incomplete documentation is provided.  

Residents/Fellows who cannot provide the acceptable I-9 document(s) are NOT employable and cannot be paid.  These Residents/Fellows will be added to their respective payroll and authorized to begin their training only upon completion of all required documentation and valid immigration status documents.

All employment documentation, including visa applications, is employer specific.  An employee cannot transfer to another employer’s payline without changing the visa application and reproducing all required employment documentation.

In addition, Program Directors must obtain the following documents to be kept in the Residents’/Fellows’ program file:

  • Medical/Dental School Transcript (verified by Program Director)
  • Clinical Clerkship records
  • Documentation of prior Post-Graduate Experience, credentialing documentation (as applicable), and summative evaluation(s)
  • College Diploma / Transcript for MD Degree or equivalent (recommended)


Visas:  Residents/fellows must refer to the current UB Graduate Medical Education “Eligibility & Selection of Residents/Fellows Policy” posted on the GME webpage.

Changes in Employment Status

Any change in employment status, including leaves of absence, payroll changes, salary increases, program completion, or termination must immediately be reported to the Office of GME and are subject to the relevant employment policy.

Falsification of any employment document is grounds for immediate termination.

Established:  1994
GMEC Approved Date:  October 15, 2019