Visiting Resident / Fellow Rotation Policy

Medicare permits hospitals to claim for reimbursement any resident or fellow who rotated to their facility within a cost report year.  Therefore, residents and fellows from outside institutions (hospitals not affiliated with the University at Buffalo [UB]) who rotate with any University at Buffalo (UB) sponsored training program must have their time reported on the same basis as University at Buffalo (UB) residents.

Prior to accepting trainees in your department, obtain written verification that:

  1. They are covered by their employers’ malpractice insurance for rotations at UB-affiliated hospitals.
  2. Their sponsoring institution will continue to provide salary and benefits during the rotation.
  3. The facility that employs them understands that they will be claimed for Medicare reimbursement by UB-affiliated hospitals.

Required Documentation

  • Letter from the UB program director accepting the resident or fellow and agreeing to goals and objectives, evaluation requirements, and any other requirements of the rotation
  • Completed UB Visiting Resident Application and Agreement (attached)
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of ACLS Certification Card
  • Copy of Medical School Diploma with certified translation if not in English
  • Current  CV updated to start of rotations with UB program including detailed information on all ACGME-accredited training
  • Health Data Summary (attached)
  • Copy of ECFMG certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of all visa approval notices and I-94s, if applicable
  • Letter from resident’s/fellow’s program director granting permission for the rotation and outlining the goals and objectives of the rotation, and evaluation requirements
  • Copy of the face sheet from the current malpractice provider listing the appropriate UB affiliated hospital(s) as covered entities with no less than $1.3M/$3.9M coverage on occurrence basis or with tail coverage for the period of rotations with the UB program
  • Letter from the institution employing/sponsoring the visiting resident/fellow stating that, for the duration of the rotation:
    • They are solely responsible for continuation of all compensation (salary, benefits, living and meal allowance, etc.);
    • They will not claim the resident on their cost report(s) for this time; and
    • They agree that UB-affiliated hospitals will claim the resident on their cost report(s) for this time

All required information must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Medical Education for review at least 2 MONTHS prior to the proposed start date of the rotation with the UB program.  A sample letter listing all required information as well as optional departmental requirements is attached.  Applicants for visiting rotations who do not provide all information as stated above will not be approved.

Required Forms

Established:  2008
GMEC Approved Date:  March 20, 2018