New TAP dashboard in HUB brings faster, hands-on experience

student using laptop in on-campus apartment.

Published November 19, 2019

by Orly Stein

A new dashboard in the HUB Student Center will give undergraduates a detailed, real-time view of the status of their Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) applications.



UBIT Student Ambassador Orly Stein.

Orly Stein (UB Student, Class of 2022) is an Information Technology and Management major from Long Island, NY. In the future, she hopes to get more experience with cyber security and pursue a career in the field. In her free time, Orly enjoys playing soccer, going to SoulCycle with her friends and snowboarding.

The dashboard aims to improve the entire TAP experience, from finding and filling out the application, to finding deadlines and tracking requirements, and viewing the status of your application while it's being processed.

Real-time updates and checklist

The TAP dashboard’s primary feature is to provide a look into the real-time status of your application. The dashboard also features a criteria status checklist, which helps track the status of your TAP eligibility requirements, such as:

  • Citizenship
  • High school diploma 
  • Full-time degree applicable credits
  • Good academic standing
  • Loans in good standing

You’ll see a green check mark if you have completed a requirement, and a red X if it is incomplete, or if you don’t meet that requirement. You will see a question mark if your status is not yet determined.

The dashboard also links to your Academic Advising Report, so you can make sure you meet the minimum academic requirements for TAP. 

Need more help?

If you have more questions about TAP, call Financial Aid at 716-645-8232 or visit the Financial Aid offices at 1Capen on North Campus or 1Diefendorf, Room 114 on South Campus.